The Seegers Photography: Blog en-us (C) The Seegers Photography (The Seegers Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:58:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:58:00 GMT The Seegers Photography: Blog 120 73 Merry Christmas from the Seegers | Christmas Tree Cutting - 2015 Merry Christmas, from The Seegers! Last year we started a new (albeit popular) tradition of cutting down our own Christmas tree. We had been completely content with our $15-$20 pre-cut trees we'd get from a store nearby… why the change of heart? The decision to cut our own emerged after seeing our previous years’ Christmas trees remain green - even after drying up after an entire summer outside. We decided if we wanted a tree painted green we might as well get an artificial tree. This is how the “tradition" of cutting our own Christmas tree began. Can it be a tradition after only 2 years? Why not!?

We found a local tree farm in Ripon, Wisconsin, called Fraser Tree Farm. It’s quiet, quaint, and relaxing as you hike through God’s beautiful creation. Horse and wagon rides are available for you and a bon fire, hot cider and cookies await you after your fingers have turned numb and you have found the “perfect" tree for your family.

But our tradition this year was definitely less than picture-perfect. Our potty-training one and a half year old’s nap was cut short on the way to the farm. This typically adventurous little explorer instead was refusing to walk on her own and crying incessantly whenever we put her down… to top it all off she was saying “potty” every few minutes just so we would leave. We at least managed to get a few smiles here and there as she snuggled into mommy and daddy’s arms. The cider and treats at the end also helped… if only I would have started with those! But overall, she couldn't have cared less about the trees and the experience altogether.

After editing all these photos and laughing a little bit about how my planned outing ended up turning out, I think about our Savior’s story. Let’s look back to Bethlehem. "While they [Mary and Joseph] were there, the time came for the baby to be born, and she gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger, because there was no guest room available for them" (Luke 2:6,7). Jesus' birth was definitely less than picture-perfect! Sure, the nativities you see in homes and stores are ornately crafted and really romanticize the birth of Christ. But, take a minute to really think about what birth in a stable would have looked like! Not beautiful. Not clean. And far from what we consider perfect. Think about how Mary felt putting her tiny baby, the Savior, into a filthy manger and clothing him with any bits of cloth she could find. This was God’s plan and although not picture-perfect, it was a perfect birth for a perfect Savior. 

As you decorate your home, partake in new and old Christmas traditions, and place gifts under your beautiful trees, remember to focus on the true gift that was given to us. Christ. Christ came to earth as a tiny baby. He lived a perfect life for us. He took ALL our sins upon himself and died on a cross. And, that’s not where it ends! He rose VICTORIOUSLY from death and lives again. Now we know that through faith, we too can be with him in heaven one day. Our lives aren’t picture perfect and we are all SO sinful. But, rejoice! Christ wipes away our tears and has made us clean. I can’t think of a better gift to share with you than that. Let’s focus on our Savior this season and ALWAYS. "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life" (John 3:16).

Now our tree is decorated with white lights and an eclectic collection of ornaments from years passed. Our little girl is giddy about having a real tree in our home. As I snuggle her into my arms she points at an ornament squealing “mouse” and points again at the tree shouting “tree”. One last time she chimes in, rejoicing, “JESUS!” She knows what Christmas is all about. Again and again we ask her, “Whose birthday is it going to be?” “Jesus!” is her excited reply. My heart is happy. Happy Birthday to our Savior!

The Seegers Photography: New Gallery &emdash; The Seegers Photography: New Gallery &emdash; The Seegers Photography: New Gallery &emdash;

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Family Portraiture | Asylum Point Park - Oshkosh, WI The “S” family was fun to work with, so warm, and incredibly loving. The best part is that they were up for anything. Who knew that we were going to hike through the woods and find the kids’ own SECRET park? Sorry, I can’t disclose the exact whereabouts of this park… I made a promise to a certain little boy that I wouldn’t tell a soul! :) I think we even managed to end the photo shoot grass-stain free. Oh, and do I even need to mention how great their wardrobe is!? Those suspenders! Adorable.

Family sessions are always close to my heart. I love capturing your family as you are so you can look back at your photos as a time capsule. Maybe it’s because I have a little one now and I see how quickly time passes. Don't you wish we could bottle up our kids' giggles, smiles, quirks, and even tears? But, I can create something genuine that you can look back on and will last for years to come. If you love these photos and would like to schedule a family session, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Blessings!

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Milwaukee Anniversary Shoot | Kent and Alex When Kent and Alex messaged me asking for a five year anniversary shoot, I was beyond excited. If I really think about it, The Seegers Photography really started with these two! Back in College (before I was a Seeger) Kent asked me to help document and set up for their engagement. It was special to see two amazing people I loved show their love for each other and Christ. A while later, they asked me to take some fun (planned) engagement photos. My now husband and photography partner came along as my sidekick and we all had a blast. Now, five years after their wedding, Alex messaged that they would be in the area and wanted an anniversary shoot. Rain was 100% in the forecast but Alex assured me they were up for anything, as long as we could all be together. The Milwaukee Public Library was a great place to escape the freezing October rain and take some special photos of these two people we love so much. It was a short and sweet visit but fun none-the-less. We're excited to see you two this spring. Roadtrip! Hopefully we can get some shots of all of us together this time. :) 

The Seegers Photography: Kent and Alex - 5 Year Anniversary &emdash; The Seegers Photography: Kent and Alex - 5 Year Anniversary &emdash; The Seegers Photography: Kent and Alex - 5 Year Anniversary &emdash;

The Seegers Photography: Kent and Alex - 5 Year Anniversary &emdash;
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Rustic Farm Engagement | Vanessa & Dustin Third time's a charm! At first it felt like this engagement shoot would never happen. With bad weather forecasted and then an engagement ring "in the shop" this shoot was pushed back TWICE... and boy, are we glad it was! We ended up having a perfect morning for Dustin and Vanessa's engagement shoot; sunshine, hay, cows, and even a sweet horse included! We loved seeing this couple in the place they love and where they will living their new married life together. Thank you both for inviting us out to the farm!  We can't wait for your September wedding. Can Margo make an appearance too!? Moooo!!!

The Seegers Photography: Bobzien - Engagment &emdash; The Seegers Photography: Bobzien - Engagment &emdash;



The Seegers Photography: Bobzien - Engagment &emdash;


The Seegers Photography: Bobzien - Engagment &emdash;

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La Crosse Area Wedding | Dan and Rachel Meet the new Mr. and Mrs. Sting! Thank you Dan and Rachel for letting us be part of such a beautiful and blessed day. When Dan first called us about documenting their wedding, we were super excited. We’ve known Dan for years and know how much fun it is capturing a friends wedding. What we didn’t know was how absolutely SMITTEN Dan is by his beautiful bride. But it’s easy to see why! Rachel’s laugh is incredibly contagious and her smile is so welcoming and warm. We hadn’t known Rachel well before the wedding, but by the end of the day it felt like we had known each other for ages. From getting ready at Rachel’s home church in Holmen to strolling down the streets of Downtown La Crosse, the entire day was full of conversation, laughter, and oh so much love. And, yes, if you are wondering, even we (the photographers) got a scoop at The Pearl ice-cream parlor. How can you not? I mean, really.

I so hope you enjoy looking through and reliving moments of this special day. 




The Seegers Photography: Sting &emdash;


The Seegers Photography: Sting &emdash;




The Seegers Photography: Sting &emdash; The Seegers Photography: Sting &emdash; The Seegers Photography: Sting &emdash; The Seegers Photography: Sting &emdash;


The Seegers Photography: Sting &emdash;




The Seegers Photography: Sting &emdash;



The Seegers Photography: Sting &emdash;




The Seegers Photography: Sting &emdash;


The Seegers Photography: Sting &emdash;
The Seegers Photography: Sting &emdash;

The Seegers Photography: Sting &emdash;


The Seegers Photography: Sting &emdash;
The Seegers Photography: Sting &emdash;
The Seegers Photography: Sting &emdash;
The Seegers Photography: Sting &emdash; The Seegers Photography: Sting &emdash;
The Seegers Photography: Sting &emdash;
The Seegers Photography: Sting &emdash;
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Senior Representative | Meet Alli

Meet our Senior Representative, Alli! 
As soon as I met Alli I knew she would be perfect for the job. Allison is the type of young woman that can light up the room with her smile and is so beautiful inside and out. On top of all this, she’s talented and is constantly keeping busy with theater, softball, and her love of piano. She even babysits my nephews from time to time. Alli, can I steal you as a babysitter? Pretty please!?

When Alli showed up at our home for her shoot, you could tell how excited she was. I loved helping her with the little details of the shoot (like deciding what earrings to wear) and wanted to make her feel as comfortable as possible making sure her personality came through each photo I took.  She even played along with all my crazy ideas - whether it was skipping through the grass, giving me some outrageous laughs, or even letting her hair down and shaking it out. I knew it was going well when Alli looked at me and said, “This is REALLY fun!” That’s the goal. I want to give you photos you love and make sure you have an incredible time during our shoot.

I had a great time working with you, Alli! I hope you LOVE these photos and have an incredible start to you Senior year. God bless you now and always!

(Allison is our part of our Senior Representative Referral program. If you LOVE her photos I’m sure she would be thrilled to talk to you about her shoot. And, please feel free to contact me to set up your senior session. Check out our Senior Portraiture Collections for more details! I would love to talk. We still have dates available!)

The Seegers Photography: Alli &emdash;

The Seegers Photography: Alli &emdash; The Seegers Photography: Alli &emdash; The Seegers Photography: Alli &emdash; The Seegers Photography: Alli &emdash;
The Seegers Photography: Alli &emdash;
The Seegers Photography: Alli &emdash;

The Seegers Photography: Alli &emdash;
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Sunny Oshkosh Oak Tree Engagement Session | Michelle and Jason This engagement shoot was short and sweet. I loved Michelle's ensemble; from her gorgeous necklace to her patterned dress. Michelle and Jason are no doubt an adorable couple. I already know that Jason is going to be a hilarious groom to work with. I think he said it best while striking a pose while walking to the big oak tree for our shoot,"I'm kind of a funny guy!" I hope you enjoy looking through these photos! And, definitely check out the rock on Michelle's finger. Way to pick 'em, Jason... the ring and the girl! 

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY | MARIA IS ONE After a cousins sleepover we had an impromptu shoot for this ONE YEAR OLD! Maria is definitely a strong little girl who is always on the go, walking (running) all over! Those blue eyes, dark eyelashes, and sweet smile make you want to pick her up and give a her a snuggle! At one point Maria took her flower and put it right in front of her face as I "click, click, clicked" creating a super moody and dramatic shot. Another time she ran away into our play room and started making some goofy faces in the mirror. I just love seeing her personality in these photos! She sure looks like a pro! Oh, and Mom and Dad popped in for a few photos as well... I guess they are pretty cute, too. :D Show this awesome family some love in the comments below!




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Oshkosh Baby Portraiture | Six Months Old What a great morning we had with this little cutie! I can't believe she's already six months old. She is pretty much the perfect model; constantly smiling from ear to ear. What a sweetheart! Time has been flying by. In no time, she'll be a big ONE year old. Thank you to this sweet baby and her mama for braving the ugly weather to come out today. I think it was worth it! :)

The Seegers Photography: Emmie Jane - 6 months &emdash;

The Seegers Photography: Emmie Jane - 6 months &emdash;

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Little Blessings | Baby & Brothers Enter the brothers...
These boys came ready for this photo shoot. The love they have for each other (and their new baby brother) is amazingly heart-warming.  I am really excited to share some of these moments with you. Would love to see some love for these handsome boys in the comments below!

Enter baby Simeon...prepare to "oooh" and "awhh"



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One Year Ago | My Maternity Shoot Exactly one year ago I coaxed Jeremy out of the house so I could finally get some maternity photos. I was 37 weeks pregnant and had no idea that our sweet little girl would be making her appearance only 8 days later (two weeks early). Yikes, we were definitely cutting it close! Taking your own photos is by no means easy but it's also really fun! After an hour outside, we were cold,  shivering, and hugging each other. I was a hormonal mess, wishing we would have had someone else take our photos and thinking that we had the worst photos in the world. Now, an entire year later, I am finally done editing this shoot. I couldn't be more in love with these photos; the soft colors, the light, and most importantly all of the LOVE.  My love(s). Here's a chunk of my heart... would love to hear your comments!







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Woodland Wedding | Katrina & Larry Katrina and Larry's wedding was magical. I can't think of a better word to describe the day. Thank you for letting us run (literally) through the fields, woods, and wild flowers with you. This was a wedding we will never forget. We hope these photos capture all your feelings, emotions, and special details from this blessed day. God bless you both!





























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Wisconsin Wedding | Tarah and Jason We are so thankful Tarah and Jason let us be part of their special day. From the "something old" 1919 wheat penny to the the library T&J bumped into each other for the first time in junior high, the day was filled with wonderful details we loved capturing. God's blessings to you both. We hope you have fun reliving your beautiful day!







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Sunny Autumn Morning | Meghan and Brody When Meghan and Brody showed up I had no idea what to expect. Brody came out of the car hiding behind his mama's leg, clinging to her side and avoiding all eye contact. It only took a minute before he was running around, all smiles and giggles! And boy, does he have an awesome smile! It's super contagious. Brody (and Meghan) were troopers, facing the crispness of an early fall in nothing but long sleeves. A quick hot chocolate pick me up (and coffee for Meghan) was the cure for the cold and a perfect "half time" to our photo shoot. Meghan, you are so beautiful and have an amazing little man! Thanks for letting us capture this special time for you. 












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Manitowoc Autumn | Lukasek Family Spent a gorgeous autumn afternoon with a super energetic and amazing family. I love photo shoots where I get to play in the leaves with kids! 



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Sunny October Afternoon - The Pahlows We had a perfect afternoon shoot with Pahlows! Even with the gorgeous October sun setting and the fall colors changing, the most beautiful part of this shoot was seeing the love this family has for each other.  Carissa, I truly hope we were able to freeze this moment in time as your kids continue to grow. Blessings!



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Newborn Photo Shoot | Baby Eli Eli's photos are finally here! I just love this little guy, but how could you not? What a little blessing!




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Port Washington Senior Photo Shoot | Miya Blessings to you Miya as you start your senior year! We had such a great time with you. Hope you have as much fun looking through these photos as we did taking them.


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Beijing Wedding | Kevin and Andrea We were so excited when our friends Kevin and Andrea (the breathtaking bride) asked if we would be able to take a few extra candid photos at their wedding. The day was a whirlwind. One second we were snapping pictures of the bride and groom getting ready, the next they were walking down the aisle and before we knew it the ceremony was over and cake cutting began. Thank you Kevin and Andrea for letting us be part of this blessed day!

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SPRING PHOTO GIVEAWAY With the debut of our new website, we wanted to let you in on an awesome opportunity to win a FREE 8x12 color calibrated print from our website. We have posted our favorite (and fan favorite) photos from the past year to our blog and facebook page. Now all YOU have to do is tell your family and friends to VOTE by 1) liking the Seegers Photography facebook page and 2) liking their favorite photos! Get an extra vote in by commenting on this blog post, telling us what photo you like best (the photo numbers are listed on our facebook Spring Photo Giveaway album). Ready, set, START YOUR VOTING! (Voting Ends May 29th, 2013)





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NEW PHOTOGRAPHY PACKAGES Getting married? In need of some updated family photos? Want some awesome senior portraits before graduation? We are excited to announce our new wedding, family, and senior photography packages!!! We hope you're as excited as we are. Hurry up and check them out here!! Can’t find what you're looking for? Don’t worry, if your specific photography request is not listed, (engagement, couples, maternity, newborns, family reunions...) we would still LOVE to work with to give you the unique and personal photos you're looking for! Keep updated with the Seegers by checking back here at our blog or on our facebook page for news and awesome photography sneak peaks! Stay tuned for our Spring Photo Contest where you can vote for your favorite photo from this past year. The winner will receive a special 8x12 color calibrated print straight from our website!



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Welcome to our blog! I’m Grace and this is Jeremy. We're a husband and wife photography team and we would love to get to know you! But before we do, here's a little taste of our story. About three years ago, I got to marry my best friend; someone who makes me laugh, encourages me, and loves me more and more every day. Soon after we were married, I thought it would be fun to start a photography company. Crazy, right!? Jeremy jumped on board, more like dove right in, as my photography teammate. We have been truly blessed ever since with this amazing part time business and are learning new things every day. In addition to photography, we love spending time in our kitchen creating and sharing delicious meals, inviting people into our home as family, making music, and globe trekking while documenting it all, sometimes a little too thoroughly. Yes, I even take pictures of our food and get teased like crazy because of it! Honestly though, capturing special moments through our photography is such an amazing blessing and Jeremy and I would truly be honored to help you with any special occasion you might have.

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Milwaukee Senior Photo Shoot | Kali Working with Kali was so fun! She was definitely a trooper. After dashing around downtown Milwaukee, we rushed back to her brother's apartment so she could change for a few shots by the lake. We ended up getting locked out but managed to find her brother with just enough time for Kali to change, hop over to the lakeside, and take a few amazing shots with the fading daylight. What a beautiful day! Blessings, Kali!

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